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Prenatal Ingredients

Crafted with both you and your baby in mind, this unique blend of essential nutrients supports the growth and development of your little one, while nourishing your own health and longevity inside and out. PSST- although this prenatal is technically designed for fertility, any woman can take and benefit from it- it’s simply more nutrients than a multivitamin for the same price!

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a remarkable nutrient, and an absolute powerhouse for our health. While sunlight serves as its primary source, obtaining enough naturally can pose challenges for many. Yet, its benefits are immense, particularly when our levels are insufficient. Vitamin D contributes to maintaining a positive mood and supports overall mental well-being. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in ovulation and our period as well as bone metabolism, ensuring the strength and integrity of our skeletal system.

Regulates Period

Consistent Ovulation

Reduces Risk of Pre-term Birth

Reduce Risk of Preeclampsia

Vitamin C

Often associated with citrus, Vitamin C is probably a very familiar nutrient. Beyond its immune-boosting reputation, Vitamin C stands as a potent ally in supporting healthy progesterone levels and ovulation for better, more regular periods.

Progesterone Production

Reduce Risk of Intrauterine Growth Restriction

Healthy Placenta


Iron carries out so many essential duties within our bodies. Its primary role is ferrying oxygen within our blood cells, combating fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath along the way. It also helps prevent hair loss. Yet, meeting our iron needs solely through diet can pose challenges.

Hair Loss

Iron Stores
for Baby

Supports Developing Placenta

Helps Prevent Low Birth Weight


Zinc, a vital mineral, acts as a linchpin for nearly 100 enzymes pivotal in DNA synthesis, cellular growth, and protein formation. Along with bolstering our immune system, zinc also helps reduce facial hair, hair loss, and acne.

Facial Hair

Improved Skin 
and Reduces Acne

Hair Loss


Choline stands as an indispensable nutrient, serving a multitude of roles in upholding our health and vitality. Ensuring sufficient choline intake is crucial, as it plays pivotal roles in bolstering baby’s brain health, supporting liver function, facilitating neurotransmitter synthesis, and regulating overall metabolism.

Supports Baby’s Cognitive Function

Improves Baby’s Information Processing Speed

Promotes Sustained Attention in Childhood

Protects Neural Tube Defects

Vitamin B6

Beyond its contributions to physical health, Vitamin B6 also plays a crucial role in supporting our mental well-being and supporting progesterone production. It has been linked to a reduced likelihood of depression and can serve as a protective shield against the detrimental effects of stress. Bonus: it can also help combat pregnancy’s most unwelcome guest, morning sickness!

Helps with 
Morning Sickness

Supports Development of Baby’s Nervous System

The VITA-PCOS Solution

Insulin resistance, elevated androgens, adrenal dysfunction, and inflammation drive PCOS symptoms. VITA-PCOS is designed to fight back and knock them out, one by one.

VITA-PCOS’ proprietary blends of functional body-benefiting natural nutrients help regulate insulin, cortisol, and testosterone to support healthy hormones and whole-body health.